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Indian Railways To Create 10 Lakh New Jobs In Approaching Year, Procurement Tender To Be Soon Released


Indian Railways To Create 10 Lakh New Jobs In Approaching Year, Procurement Tender To Be Soon Released

Railway Minister PiyushGoyal today said that the government will soon issue global tenders for the purchase of tracks for the modernization of the railway. This can lead to the creation of 10 Lakh jobs within a year including entire work related to the railway ecosystem.

Goyal said that security is our priority and there is no limit to financing it. His statement came after several train accidents in recent months. Many people died in these accidents. While addressing the India Economic Conference of the World Economic Forum (WEF) here, he said that I have instructed to renovate all the existing tracks so that the railway tracks can be secured. We are looking at alternatives to global purchases of railway tracks. With this, the work of laying the tracks and making new rail lines will be done expeditiously.

In response to a question, he said that very soon, a global tender will be taken for this. On the security of the railways, Goyal said, “There is no limit to security expenditure. Security is the priority of Indian Railways. I have kept the passenger pedestrian track, platform, entry and exit points in the security category. For this, I have made a change in the system that is 100 years old, in which it is considered a facility.”

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He said that due to the demonetization of real estate properties and the expansion of existing investment schemes, there would be a lot of employment opportunities in the railway and its surrounding ecosystem. Goyal said, “I believe that, of course, this will not be direct jobs in the railway, but by adding people and working in different areas of the ecosystem, at least one million jobs can be created in a year.”

He said that the government is moving forward aggressively on railway track and security maintenance program. These alone can create two lakh job opportunities. Goyal said, “If I look at the investment of pipeline and make it operational, then it is expected to generate 2–2.5 Lakh jobs for existing projects.”

Along with this new procurement plan, Indian Railways in the previous month has also collaborated with TrackiQ to get the hold of high-tech equipment that comprises a detection system integrated with the precise sensor to scan the cracks in the rail tracks. The introduction of various advanced and efficient safety and detection tools on the rail fields will probably make the most preferred mode of transport convenient and safe.

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