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Google Play Now Has Google Assistant App, New Assistant Features Declared As Well

Google Play Now Has Google Assistant App, New Assistant Features Declared As Well

Recently Google has been in news for several things. While everyone was focused on the newest rollouts by Google, in the meanwhile, the company silently introduced the Assistant application on the Play Store. But, do not get too keyed up as there is a catch.

Yes, the Google Assistant app doesn’t get the voice assistant to one’s device. It’s simply a shortcut app that will prompt the Assistant on the device when it is clicked. In other words, this application is merely a way to access the Google Assistant on one’s device apart from voicing out the command “Ok Google” or holding the home button.

To remind, the Android version of Google Assistant is a component of the Google Play Services and Google Search app (alias Google app), contrasting on iPhone, wherein it is a distinct app. The company, at its recent event, mentioned the new features it will be introducing to the Assistant.

The listing, as initially spotted by Android Police, mentions that the Android version of Google Assistant app basically substitutes the act of long pressing of the home button—now app drawer or one click from the home screen instead.

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The similar is mentioned in the Google Play listing of Google Assistant app, “The Google Assistant app offers additional means to open the Assistant that is already existing on one’s phone. It lets the user rapidly access their Google Assistant with a single tap. They can still open their Assistant by clicking and holding down their home button or by merely uttering, “Ok Google.”

Further listing mentions, “Few requirements should be still fulfilled by the users so as to use the Google Assistant app (Google Search v7.11 or beyond and minimum memory prerequisites).” Also, the compatibility of the user’s device for the Assistant is checked and then, they are notified if it is not. The company also mentioned that the making of a standalone app might also assist users to include it as a component of automation tools such as Tasker or IFTTT.

Apart from this, the new features to be introduced to Assistant will enable the developers to submit Assistant apps, as known as Google Assistant Actions, which carry out payment transactions. Assistant transactions include the facility to add entities to cart as well. Also, Assistant apps will be introduced by Google for families that conform to the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Furthermore, Templates is something new that will be added, which allows the users develop Assistant games (such as Flash Cards, Personality Quizzes, Trivia) without requiring to have any scripting knowledge.

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