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Renault India to reveal “DeZir”, an electric concept car in Auto Expo 2018

Renault India to reveal “DeZir”, an electric concept car in Auto Expo 2018

Renault India, an Indian subsidiary of the France-based car maker, will be unveiling an electric concept car “DeZir” in Auto Expo 2018.

The company stated that it will pull the covers to reveal the electric concept car DeZir in the upcoming auto show. And the show doesn’t end here; it will also bring down its Captur, Kwid, and Duster to the show.

The vehicle was previously on display at Paris Motor Show 2010. The concept vehicle will be fueled by an electric motor, which is assembled in the mid-rear position to balance the distribution of weight over the rear and front wheel.

The motor is similar to that is integrated in Renaults electric cars production model, even though a development has facilitated its torque and power to be increased to 226Nm and 110kW respectively. The vehicle has a travel range of 100 Miles, which is powered by 24kWh lithium-ion battery.


Coming on to the design, the car is a two-seater sports coupe and is 4.2M long. As per the details provided on the website, DeZir’s has a drag co-efficient of 0.25 and can vroom up to 62mph in 5 Seconds, all thanks to its aerodynamics characteristic that are sharply crafted with the support of rear diffuser and fairing.

The important parameter, which is the cooling of the batter, is taken care of not only through the air channelization from the front to rear of the vehicle, but also done through lateral scoops covered behind the aluminum panels on each side of the body.

In order to reap the maximum range and dynamic performance, the automaker has balanced DeZir’s weight to a minimum level. The body of the vehicle is fabricated of Kevlar, whereas the tubular steel frame is the same that is used for race car of Megane Trophy. The Kevlar material is para-aramid synthetic fibre. This material offers high strength and was used in 1970 as a replacement of steel in racing tires for the first commercially.

However, the vehicle will no doubt create a huge chaos at the upcoming auto expo.

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