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“Good Friends” Sunil Mittal And Mukesh Ambani Get Engaged In Spirit Of Bonhomie

“Good Friends” Sunil Mittal And Mukesh Ambani Get Engaged In Spirit Of Bonhomie

The bitterness amid telecom majors Reliance Jio Infocomm and Bharti Airtel was put to one side at an industry conference for a while when their leaders Sunil Mittal And Mukesh Ambani approved each other as “good friends” and got engaged in a spirit of bonhomie that has been absent from telecom sector of India for almost a year.

Talking in New Delhi at the India Mobile Congress last week, Mittal claimed that in spite of rivalry, both telecom operators have to collaborate to make an enhanced bionetwork. They also shook hands, with Mittal even providing a friendly pat to Ambani.

“I expect with friends such as Mukesh, we will make an impressive future,” claimed the chairman of biggest telecom company in India. His quotes from “The Prelude” poem by William Wordsworth—Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!—added more to the mood. Ambani, chairman of the parent of Jio, Reliance Industries, referred to Mittal as his “good pal” in his words.mukesh ambani

Mittal also recognized Ambani when he claimed that converting India a top telecom contestant has to be a mutual effort. “We all have to collaborate. While we fight head on for the advantages of users, we have to work together amid ourselves,” Mittal claimed to the media in an interview, referring to how companies are operating towers, ecosystems, submarine cables, fibers, and satellite projects as well.sunil mittal bharti airtel chairman

When Mittal cited the spending that his firm was making to enhance the infrastructure, he included, “Mukesh is investing up lot of efforts as well.” The friendship was a sharp difference to the resentment among the 2 rivals over the last 1 Year, not missing a chance to held each other responsible for misinterpreting laws, misleading users, opposing to the authorities regarding problems such as predatory pricing, points of interconnection, & interconnection usage charges, and discriminating against subscribers.

It began when Jio last September made an entry in the market with 6 Months of free data and voice, which forced current players to reduce their charges to retain users. The low data charges provided by Jio since April activated arguments over problems such as data and interconnection speeds. And now that TRAI has slashed IUC (interconnection usage charges), telecom companies are blaming that it was done to favor Jio, which it has refused. The spirit of bonhomie amid Mittal and Ambani did not go unobserved.

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