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Hybrid powertrain manufacturing will be done at five US-based plants by Toyota

Hybrid powertrain manufacturing will be done at five US-based plants by Toyota

The Japan-based automaker, Toyota has recently enhanced the stakes to stay dominating among the top hybrid vehicle manufacturer around the globe with the investment of $371.8 Million in five US manufacturing plants.

The investment will be used for the implementation of Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) and production of its sole American-made hybrid powertrain at its Alabama plant. Every project that is listed on the company’s agenda is estimated to initiate in the present year and are expected to be operational by 2020.

The investment will help increase production of 2.5-liter cylinder heads at Bodine Aluminum’s Troy, MO, plant; add production of hybrid vehicle transmissions at manufacturing plant based in Buffalo, WV; increase 2.5-liter engine capacity at Georgetown plant KY; and transform the Bodine Jackson facility to put up manufacturing of hybrid vehicle transmission’s 2.5-liter engine blocks, housings, and cases.

The automaker’s plant based in Huntsville, AL, will go through an inclusive makeover in order to develop engines that harmonize with TNGA.

CEO, Toyota Motor North America, Jim Lentz said, “The investment is part of enduring promise made to build additional components and vehicles in additional quantity for those markets where we have the presence. This tactic is intended to serve the dealers and customers in better way and gear up the manufacturing facilities and operations to meet the demand in future with any obstruction.

The hybrid vehicles such as Highlander made in Princeton, Indiana, will be installed with transaxles made in West Virginia and 2.5 Liter engines assembled in Kentucky. Toyota continues to stay a dominating global leader in the gas-electric hybrid segment. It reports 3 Million sales in the US alone and on the global platform, the count reaches to 10 Million.


With this huge investment, there will be creation of fifty new types of jobs position at Alabama plant. Even though there will be no net gain in terms of jobs at other locations such as Bodine Aluminum facilities, West Virginia, and Kentucky, but it gives a surety that there will be stability in the employment level in the coming future.

The recent projects and the earlier declared ones take the investment figure nearby $4.1, which is half of its commitment of $10 Billion investment in the US.

Below are the Investment details:

  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, KY―$120,960,000
    • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, AL―$106,000,000
    • Toyota Motor Manufacturing, WV―$115,300,000
    • Bodine Aluminum Troy, MO―$17,050,000
    • Bodine Aluminum Jackson, TN―$14,500,000

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