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Uber apologizes over London mistakes, but vows to appeal

Uber apologizes over London mistakes, but vows to appeal

The chief of Uber apologized this week for faults committed by the U.S. ride-hailing app after the authorities in London declined to renovate its license, but still promised to appeal the judgment.

“While Uber had revolutionized the way individuals travel in cities all over the world, it is uniformly true that we have got stuffs incorrect along the way,” Dara Khosrowshahi, chief executive of Uber, claimed to the media through a letter. “In support of everyone at Uber all over the world, I would like to apologize for the errors we have committed.” But he claimed, “We will appeal this judgment in support of millions of people in London, but we do so with the fact that we should also revolutionize.”

TFL (Transport for London) last week claimed that it might not renovate license of Uber to work in the capital upon expiry, due to concerns related to public security. Uber, which has around 3.5 Million users and almost 40,000 drivers in the British capital, has 21 Days to register its appeal and can carry on working until that procedure has ended. Khosrowshahi further added in the letter, “We will not be faultless, but we will hear you; we will seek to be long-term associates with the towns we cater; and we will operate our business with integrity, humility, and passion.”


Uber has witnessed its worldwide popularity explode since it rolled out in 2009, but also encounter prohibitions in other centers comprising Mumbai, Cape Town, and New Delhi. TFL has smashed the firm for its approach to user safety, stating that it was not robust and appropriate to work in London and blamed security implications and public safety for its move. The transport agency mentioned that the approach of Uber to reporting grave criminal offences, how checks regarding criminal record are carried out, how medical certificates of drivers are achieved, and its use of technology that supposedly assists it to dodge law enforcement.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of the capital, this week announced that Uber has got to work by the regulations. He also blamed the company for creating violent threats and employing an army of PR lawyers and experts to fight the judgments. Uber came under inspection in Britain after it was found that dozens of sexual assault and rape claims had been made in opposition to their drivers and when one of their drivers employed his car at Buckingham Palace in a latest terror attack.

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