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LinkedIn focuses on up skilling blue-collar employees

LinkedIn focuses on up skilling blue-collar employees

LinkedIn, the professional networking company, has seen very healthy development in India and is now operating towards transporting blue-collar occupations onto its platform to additionally extend its schemes here, claimed Allen Blue, its co-founder, to the media this week.

LinkedIn, which has more than 500 Million users, considers India as its 2nd largest consumer base with more than 42 Million customers. The platform enables job-seekers and employers to link with each other. LinkedIn this week declared its joint venture with IL&FS Skills (IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Ltd.) to assist improve and up-skill the employability of job-seekers and blue-collar workers in the nation. “The development in India is wonderful and the way we calculate our success, the development in India is very vigorous. Entering into the space of blue-collar is something we are aware that we require to do to be victorious here in India,” Blue claimed to the media.

He clarified that India consists employers of different sizes, right from international firms to medium and small companies and that they require a variety of skills. “LinkedIn conventionally has focused on white-collar occupations. This is a chance for us to work with and understand those firms who are interested in employing all throughout the skills segment,” he further said. Blue claimed that the firm has done some trials in the U.S. with blue collar occupations. The joint venture with IL&FS Skills will provide a huge scope to hear that can be taken to other regions of the globe, he further added.


Below this program, IL&FS Skills will provide and design training environment and skilling modules, while LinkedIn will assist the candidates hunt a job. Via an interface fueled by LinkedIn, the candidates will be allowed to access learning content, create a profile, create their network by linking with seniors, classmates, and instructors, and receive a job. The original batch of 400 individuals will be educated in the hospitality segment. The program will be expanded to other segments moving further.

“India has a huge blue-collar labor force, one that can be a game changer for our economy and businesses. We expect that this joint venture will assist reduce the gap among the demand and supply of ability,” Head of Product and Country Manager at LinkedIn India, Akshay Kothari, claimed to the media in an interview. K P Krishnan, the Entrepreneurship Secretary and Ministry of Skill Development, claimed that qualified wage premium has been not present in India, mainly due to data asymmetry.

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