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Smartron teams up with USC on wearables research, machine learning

Smartron teams up with USC on wearables research, machine learning

Smartron has pronounced its association with the Center for Human Applied Reasoning and the Internet of Things (CHARIOT) of the University of Southern California (USC) to carry out a study on personalized education using machine learning technologies and wearables.

The Smartron–CHARIOT initiative aims at creating the framework for building an efficient, classroom-based method for assessing the affective and cognitive influences on learning with the use of smartphones and an array of sensors. CHARIOT is an alliance between the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and the USC Rossier School of Education to bring together revolutionary education research and cognitive science with upcoming IoT technologies so as to enhance personalized learning.

The foremost global technology original equipment producer and IoT brand in India, Smartron, has recently revealed the first of its type, tronXTM, an intelligent ecosystem that links an array of systems, devices, and sensors to the tronX™ core, providing services targeting education, home, agricultural, health, and other verticals.


The technology of Smartron will be able to record the BP, daily activity metrics, ECG, stress levels, and heart rate as well of the users and display it in form of a simple-to-comprehend health dashboard on any Smartron device screen or a smartphone. Evaluating this information can add to the contextual understanding of a teacher of the cognitive processes of the students to make sure that the suitable instructional techniques are implemented.

Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder of Smartron, said, “We are delighted to be the first Indian product brand to associate with CHARIOT of USC to team up on building this new and vastly immersive and tailored learning course based on IoT. Actual personalized learning is about comprehending the cognitive readiness of students to learn together with environmental factors. With our tronX-powered wearables, we will be capable of gathering and analyzing the information to assist in creating the most helpful learning interventions for the needy students, but may not essentially ask for it. Software & hardware innovation impelled by AI and IoT is the next big drive with tronX™ and in technology, we’re all set to produce extremely intelligent and personalized experiences in the education field.”

CHARIOT’s Co-director, Kenneth Yates, said, “Integrating AI and wearable devices into the everyday syllabus and teaching techniques can assist teachers in efficiently mapping learning curve of students and direct customized interventions at the appropriate time. Within the next 2 years, we expect the partnership of Smartron and CHARIOT will result in innovative, revolutionary solutions for education.”

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