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A new tool developed that can measure wisdom of people

A new tool developed that can measure wisdom of people

A team of researchers has designed a new tool that can evaluate the wisdom of an individual—a feature considered to be overseen by particular parts of the brain. Research suggests that wisdom may be characterized by 6 particular domains, which are associated with different areas of the brain, as proposed by neuroimaging and additional scientific proof.

For instance, the sphere of prosocial behaviors and attitudes, such as altruism, social cooperation & empathy, is enabled by the prefrontal cortex (PFC), positioned in the front region of the brain and accountable for the complex executive functions.

The other domains are pragmatic knowledge of life, social decision-making, reflection, emotional regulation, tolerance of diverse values, the capability to effectively cope with ambiguity and uncertainty in life, and self-understanding. The new tool, entitled as SD-WISE (San Diego Wisdom Scale), assessed 5 of the 6 targeted domains as well as made successful distinctions between the varying degrees of the wisdom of individuals. Social decision-making—the 6th domain—was partly enclosed as “social advising.”

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Dilip Jeste from the University of California, San Diego said, “SD-WISE represents the recent thinking. We consider it might be a helpful means in clinical practice, apart from its worth in bio–psycho–social study, particularly research into the neurobiology of wisdom and likely interventions to improve it.” Individuals aged between 25 and 104 were recruited by the team, who were implemented with the SD-WISE together with 2 prevailing measures—the 40-item Self-assessed Wisdom Scale and the 12-item Three-dimensional Wisdom Scale.

SD-WISE varied from the other scales in that its statements set (that volunteers disagreed or agreed with on a scale of 1–5) was estimated upon an expert consensus and a literature review. The outcomes demonstrated that SD-WISE is a dependable and legitimate scale, as stated by Jeste. As assessed with SD-WISE, wisdom linked to psychological well-being measures. The overall outcomes supported the view that wisdom is an explicit entity with diverse factors.

Jeste said, “This was a primary field trial of SD-WISE and outcomes are encouraging, but needs more work to be done. Its validity and reliability need to be assessed further across diverse racial-ethnic, socio-cultural, and national specimens. With SD-WISE and additional measures, prevailing or yet to be developed, we can investigate wisdom and its advance across the lifetime.”

He further added, “Improvements in genetics, neuroimaging, and other sciences can assist in discovering how wisdom functions biologically within the brain. These measures offer us with the potential to study, comprehend, and perhaps persuade the advance of wisdom in unparalleled ways.”


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