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Barco to launch Smart Laser Projector this year

Barco to launch Smart Laser Projector this year

There are millions of people around the globe who just are so awestruck by cinemas that they wouldn’t skip a new movie or any new cinema-based technology to check out on. Currently, looking at the speed at which the technology sector is booming, it is not surprising that the sector has got fascinating technologies in the global cinema field as well.

In order to provide the best of the services to its audiences, the global cinema technology company has come up with a new technology, that is, with two models of the Smart Laser projectors. The basic reason behind introducing such laser projectors is to provide the wide cinema screens with up to 2K or else 4K resolution and a brightness of around 33000 lumens.

Can you imagine how your favorite actor or actress would look on such a high-resolution screen? It is just all going to be worth it. The global cinema technology-based company Barco is considered to be the brainchild behind the launch of such a new concept. The company has developed two laser projectors named DP2K-32BLP and DP4K-32BLP. These smart projectors are free of all the lamp-related issues as well as cost and not only are its operation easy but also cost saving as well.

Barco Smart Laser Projector

The Smart Laser has been introduced basically as a perfect option for the large cinema screens. The company is currently one of the top providers of the laser-illuminated cinema projectors across the film industry. It provides not less than 15 “Smart Laser” and “Flagship Laser” Projectors.

According to Barco Vice President Stijn Henderickx, they provide the widest and best range of laser-illuminating smart projectors across the global film industry. Though changing the whole cinema projector may seem to be a tedious task, but in case of the exhibitors who previously owned a 32 Barco Xenon, it is a bonanza as there is no requirement of fitting a new model altogether but instead just retrofit the current existing projector for enjoying the laser technology.

Keeping aside the theater size, screen size, cost, and operation expenditure, the company wants to educate the people regarding the benefits of laser technology so as to increase its adoption rate in the coming years.

Smart Laser projectors are expected to open a new arena for the global cinema field in the next 5 years. So just let’s wait and watch to see our favorite actors on new wide laser technology-based screens.

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