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Art Medical raises $20 Million for developing smart intubation devices

Art Medical raises $20 Million for developing smart intubation devices

Art Medical, Palo Alto and Israel-based intubation medical device maker, has bagged a new funding of $20 Million that was led by Advanced Medical Technologies.

Art Medical was established in 2009 and had received a funding of $7 Million that was led in combination from Bill Gates’ Grand Challenge and Israel Innovation Authority. In 8 years of duration, since the company was found, it has been working on a suite for medical applications, which will be equipped with sensor-laden tubes to constantly monitor the complications and fetch the data of the patients in ICU.

The main aim of the devices that are cleared by FDA is to alleviate the hazardous problem that can occur from intubation devices. Secretion and tube-related reflux can lead to ventilator-related pneumonia or acute kidney injury. These both occurrences caused due to complication may extend the period of hospitalization and can be deadly.

At the present stage, ICU doctors and nurses monitor and handle such issues, but owing to the constant occurrence of intubation, the risk always remains. As a result, various time-sensitive anomalies will go unidentified, which means the complication rate will go high. It has observed that 25% of patients of ICU develop ventilator-associated pneumonia. And the patients that stay for more than 24 hours are more prone to witness an acute kidney injury.

Art Medical

This is the stage where the Art Medical walks in. The smart tube devices that have disposable sensor-enabled tubes deliver constant monitoring of saliva, gastric reflux, and urine flow, which automatedly notifies the concern detected abnormalities to concerned clinician through a console-based dashboard clinician. The smart tubes not only monitor the infection and complication but also assist in offsetting the elevated rates of imprecise calculating of a patient’s nutritional requirements.

Liron Elia—Art Medical founder and CEO, said “One of confront for the ICU staff is patients’ extended duration of stay and death due to complications which are unconnected to the real reason of hospitalization.”
She also said, “The process of aspiration of foreign materials develops more risk for the intubated patients and technology is what is needed to resolve this issue.

For these smart intubation devices, Art Medical platform received an FDA clearance and got CE Mark. The devices are now part of several clinical studies at healthcare facilities and hospitals around the country.

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