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A devoted spot is tested by Twitter for live videos on its homepage

A devoted spot is tested by Twitter for live videos on its homepage

It is evident that the online social networking and news service Twitter is looking forward to use live videos as one of the means to boost the involvement on its website and attract new users. The company has been validating a devoted spot on its desktop homepage for live streams. Even though the company has declared of verifying such feature, it has rejected to share any information about it at this moment.

With this, the company can fix one of the major challenges faced by it with its live streams: a majority of individuals are unaware of the fact that Twitter hosts live streams. And yes, the company recognizes this issue as well. During the Annual tech conference of Recode, held last month, Anthony Noto, the COO of Twitter, said that recently the company has added live videos on its website under the Explore tab. It has been also experimenting with the notion of using direct messages and push notifications to let users know when a video stream goes live. Further, he also told that the company has been seeking at other modes too to deal with the issue, and they now seem to have got our first sign at one of the likely solutions.

During 2017 first quarter, Twitter has aired almost more than 800 hours of live videos and it has a strong point to have faith that live videos can assist the company in driving the involvement. Noto said, “When a live video is brought to the platform, it surges the conversation and elevates the digit of tweet impressions.” Live videos have gathered the interest of several tech giants, such as the likes of YouTube and Facebook. Both the firms have signed deals with publications and creators to make more live streaming content. Likewise, even Twitter has done the same, which is progressively prompting individuals that it is the first place where the majority of the world events are discussed in real time.

Twitter had declared about its collaboration with the news network Bloomberg in April. As a fragment of the agreement, now news by the Bloomberg will be streamed on Twitter day-and-night. The company has also associated with outlets such as The Verge, Mashable, and BBC for live streaming several events.

Now with its recent move—even though it is just a validation—the company is seeking to offer live videos a more projecting engagement in the hope of augmented reach.

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